Adam Epps is a versatile Designer, Artist and, Photographer. His design aesthetic evolves for each project he completes. Adam creates visually captivating compositions that evoke mood and emotion. Gravitating towards photography, he likes to experiment with colour and form to tell a story.
During his time at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia, Adam was awarded both the Design and Student of the Trimester awards.
Adam has the ability to use multiple styles of design in the form of Photography, Videography, Graphic Design and Creative Direction to get the job done. he injects personality and grandeur into every project. With a philosophy of ‘Everyone deserves a chance to shine’ ​​​​​​​

‘Say my Name, Again’ is a concept built around the reimagining of three famous artworks into Avant Garde fashion editorial designs. It explores Adam’s love of bold colour use to evoke a sense of drama. Using a colour palette of red, black and white, the recreations celebrate each colour and utilises form and shape to create striking imagery.
‘The Girl with the Pearl Everything’ explores the extravagance of adornment that society gravitates towards and how we aim to show ourselves off in an extra way to be admired. ‘The Milk Maiden’ is a satire of luxe and the work behind the scenes to get what we want, while ‘The Restricted Lovers’ looks at how we still have constraints around love is love, while largely accepted is still confined against the norm.
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