As an artist and designer, my inspirations are diverse and subject to who I am as a person. I gain my inspirations from the world around me, designers and artists. As a proactive activist of social, political and environmental issues, I aim to be the voice to influence change. Due to my artistic appreciation, I am a passionate aesthete who appreciates artists and their works from the past, present and future. Inspirations as these are evident in the designs I create. My designs are impacted by these influences which can be seen in my silhouettes, colour pallets and symbolism in which I use to convey messages and ideologies. Through the use of these influences I am able to achieve cohesion and harmony in my collections that create my design signatures such as voluminous silhouettes, use of hardware, fabric manipulations which express my design values and creating non-gender specific clothing that is inclusive to everyone. These values are what separates my designs from other designers as I always include a deeper meaning behind the veil of your mind.

Moving from dystpoia to utopia, The Calm After the Storm reignites the desire for harmony and prosperity. The Calm After the Storm is a continuation from the collections, The Dystopian Dream and Survival of the Richest. It is the final phase of the Unity triad. 
The Calm After the Storm is a parody of the classic idiom ‘The Calm Before the Storm’. It symbolises the rejuvenation and rebirth of the world.
This ready-to-wear collection is for those who  are seeking the oasis bringing peace and mantra (man-mind tra-free), thus resulting in the healing of the mind, body and soul. They are the phoenix rising from the ashes.
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