Student Bio:
Alana Cotic, an Australian fashion designer from Melbourne who has a passion for creating sophisticated garments. Alana focuses on sophistication and traditional tailoring in a high fashion luxury market. Neutral colours and refined silhouettes greatly influence her designs in creating wearable pieces specialising in tailoring.  Alana’s passion for sourcing unique natural fabrications across Melbourne allows her to find the best quality and support Australian made fabrics and businesses. Tailoring has become a key element throughout Alana’s design style, through which she experiments with incorporating these tailoring aspects into womenswear and mens garments. Having being inspired by the ‘Le Smoking Jacket' by Yves Saint Laurent, Alana has truely embodied the ideal of women wearing tailored clothing while still being feminine and elegant.

The collection titled ‘Suit Sophistication’ has been inspired by the ‘Le Smoking Jacket’ by Yves Saint Laurent and the history behind traditional tailoring techniques. The Fall 2023 RTW collection features neutral tones and natural fabrications which can be carried throughout all seasons. The collection delves into traditional aspects of mens suiting and how it has evolved into womenswear throughout the years, imprinting on design and current trends. This collection features both menswear and womenswear garments as it showcases the similarities and impact in which mens tailoring has had on woman's garments. Suit Sophistication embodies simple linear and curved line details carrying a stripped back aesthetic, coming together in promoting an elegant, clean and refined collection. The designs all represent sophisticated and tailored silhouettes, which will be complimented by slightly organic garments showing movement. Structure, minimal and a warm colour palette ensures the softly draped and sculpted silhouettes, and the use of luxe fabrications will be a statement across all garments. The use of leather and high quality wools used predominately throughout the collection evokes quality and longevity ensuring it's sustainability. Draping, asymmetry and tailoring techniques will embody a timeless theme throughout the collection.
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