Alex Petho is a Sydney-based fashion and textile designer.
From a young age he was encouraged to use creative mediums as a productive outlet - whether it was drawing, painting, building or just throwing paint around the house, he was supported.
He is passionate about all thing fashion and has recently gravitated towards tailoring, formal wear and digital printing, developing a fascination for the finer details. Over the past year he has honed his skills in pattern making, illustration and digital design and looks forward to furthering his industry-based knowledge.

This graduate collection ‘Vesalius’ draws inspiration from a love of anatomy and suiting, the design philosophy was influenced by the human form and typical business wear stereotypes merging them both to create a cohesive range. Motifs of bones and historical anatomical studies have been applied to men’s wear suiting and formal attire.
The silhouettes in this collection encapsulate the elegance and power of lifestyle-oriented suiting which sits looser on the body yet remains structured creating a modern twist. This is paired with a traditional colour palette of creams, browns and greys in wool suiting, stretch and linens.
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