Alexia is a Melbourne based designer entering the Interior design field with a unique point of view, wishing to connect with individuals through her creativity and expressive designs. Alexia’s work is informed by her design values of form, function, and contrast, allowing her to create conceptual and meaningful spaces that not only respond to the client and their vision, but reflect her personality and flare. Highly influenced by art and brutalism, Alexia focuses on the use and implementation of elements line and shape throughout her work, allowing her to manipulate the atmosphere of a space to create the desired mood and story overall. Alexia prides herself on her attention to detail and ability to take risks and step outside of her comfort zone when designing. Ultimately, Alexia strives to enhance the overall experience and connection individuals have with interior spaces.

Client Rinaldo Di Stasio, is a restauranteur with over 40 years of frontline hospitality experience, creating bold declaratory statements through his distinctively Italian restaurants, paying tribute to both Italy and Australia throughout. A celebration of art, culture and entertainment will be presented through Galleria – an immersive gallery and dining experience at one of Melbourne’s most iconic brutalist buildings Total House. Influenced by the brutalist movement, the space will be characterised by the use of rough, unfinished surfaces and elements line and shape, experimenting with scale and proportion to enhance the design overall. Contrasted by a warm colour palette, a moody and dramatic atmosphere will be created, focusing on the use of various materials and lighting to alter the feeling throughout. Galleria will be centred around immersing, connecting, and creating a memorable experience for individuals, placing emphasis on the journey both physically and through the storytelling of art, creating a connection between both traditional and contemporary works.
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