Ali Kitinas is a multi-disciplinary creative with skills that span across photography, styling and creative direction. Her work extends across a variety of facets within the worlds of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, with experience in producing, styling, graphic design and photography. Ali Kitinas is a multi-disciplinary creative with skills that span across photography, styling and creative direction. 
Prior to her career as a designer, Ali trained and worked professionally in the performing arts industry from a young age, developing her love of story-telling and strong work ethic while working alongside industry heavyweights including Disney Australia and The Gordon Frost Organisation. Simultaneously, Ali started her own business at the age of 11,  and has since been recognised as a young business thought leader on an international level, dubbed Australia’s Youngest CEO by NEWS.COM.AU at the age of 16 and being invited to meet with Sir Richard Branson and hold a seminar about social impact business on Necker Island in 2017. 
At the age of 20, Ali realised her passions expanded into other creative realms, beginning her career as a content creator and social media manager while honing her design skills at The Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia. Her identity as a creative is underpinned by her passion for intersectional feminism, and desire to use design as a medium to tell stories that reflect and comment on various aspects of human behaviour. Ali’s mission as a designer is to tell stories that are both commercially viable and have a broader social message, with a particular interest in notions of gender expression and sustainability.

Femina is an exploration of the intersectionality of the modern female experience. Based on an essay written by Ali that dissects the diversity of women’s experiences in literature throughout history, this design narrative centres around the notion that the female experience is not uniform, though it is universal. It seeks to deconstruct the female experience through an interdisciplinary approach to design, celebrating the beauty of womanhood.
The narrative has been divided into three distinct chapters that celebrate the various facets of the female experience. The first, ‘I Am Woman’ celebrates the raw beauty and power of the female body, as a vessel of life, strength and beauty. ‘The Girls Club’ is an ode to strong women throughout history, demonstrating that feminine and masculine energies need not be mutually exclusive, they can coexist. The third and final chapter, ‘The Divine Feminine’ is a celebration of the power of femininity, taking inspiration from the representation of women in Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman art.
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