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On the surface, Alyssa Cerantonio is a creative and determined individual when it comes to her love for Fashion having studied her Bachelor of Design, Alyssa is qualified to professionally work within her passion. Alyssa is efficient, proactive, and an energetic person whose love and passion shines through her ability to design on trend clothing pieces, as well as technically sew, illustrate and create Specification packs. Because of her skills Alyssa is able to be productive and produce high quality clothing for individuals. She is driven and focused on topics such as culture, social agenda and sustainability. Alyssa has worked hard to attain her love for design culture and the constant evolution of fashion, she wants to engage with influential people within the Fashion industry to gain more understanding in what she believes in. Her long-term goal is to become a Retail Buyer. She wants to use her untiring commitment and drive to bring her admiration of fashion with other peoples creation and showcase them to the world. 

In a world that is so beautiful and mysterious why are we as people constantly stuck within ourselves? Surrounded by unpleasant people? Why are we always so focused on the things that don’t define us? Why are we focused on the imperfections rather than seeing our beauty? Is seeing the beauty that we can’t see the impossible? What is collateral beauty and how is it defined ? Collateral beauty is a type of beauty which seems impossible for us to see, however, if we dig deep enough into our ego’s and redefine how we function and what we believe to be beautiful, it won’t seem to be impossible anymore...(Read more about the collection in the portfolio)


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