Amy Seery is an emerging designer based in Melbourne. After a decade living overseas, Amy was inspired by her travels and cultural experiences, and decided to pursue her Interior Design education in Seattle, Washington. After completion of her associate degree in Interior Studies, Amy returned to Australia to complete her bachelor of Interior Design at Whitehouse Institute of Design. Amy utilises her technical skill set in architectural software and documentation from her previous studies, and pairs it with the creative, artistic knowledge base developed through her studies at Whitehouse to design wholly unique and authentic creations within her projects.

Port Phillip council invites you to experience Boon Wurrung Library located within the beautiful scenery of the St Kilda Botanical Gardens. Named after the traditional owners of the land, Boon Wurrung library combines the natural ambience of the botanical gardens, with the connection of a community minded space that is designed for collaboration, community and user experience. Boon Wurrung library will be presented in earthy wood hues, vibrant botanical inspired colours of greens, pinks, and yellows and oranges.
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