Social Rebellion ​​​​​​​

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Anja Tuft is the passionate mind behind ‘Onyx’, striving to create alternative, high fashion designs for a modern world. Inspired by the revolutionary ideology of the 1990’s punk movement and our own contemporary social metamorphosis, she aims to contrast the social code embedded in fashion by communicating these tenets through her designs. Having now completed her Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) at the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Anja strives to continue to grow her business using skills learned throughout her tertiary education, as well as implementing her practical experience of working in runway shows and theatrical productions. She is looking forward to making her unique, signature designs and style stand out in the world of fashion and take a stand alongside the growing Social Rebellion.
Social Rebellion is an alternative collection, striving to contrast and stand out against contemporary high fashion and design. Utilising bright, bold patterns and juxtaposing colour schemes, the collection aims to forge fashion as a vehicle for self-expression and social communication, removed from socioeconomic ideologies and standards. The world of fashion is steeped in desire, expectation and an air of the unattainable, witnessed through the growth of influencer and social media culture- Social Rebellion aims to counteract this, utilising the language of fashion to incite a social upheaval and begin change from inside the fashion machine.


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