Annabel Dacre is a Melbourne based Creative Director, Stylist and Photographer with a passion for the weird and wonderful. Throughout their work, Annabel showcases their maximalist and eclectic style through the use of surrealism to create an other-worldly atmosphere.
Their aim is to highlight beauty found in the unconventional and inspire those that stand outside the mainstream. Annabel often explores the symbolism and ideologies from gothicism, punk music and the surrealist movement, adding an unsettling yet captivating strangeness to the work they create.
This exploration extends to areas of design and styling within fashion, interiors, illustration and photography. 

‘The Odd End’, is a body of work that explores post-humanism, genderless fashion and the queering of the human form. The aim of this project is to celebrate how acceptance of sexuality and gender allows us to freely express our identities and make our bodies our own.​​​​​​​
The featured fashion and beauty editorial, “The Beauty And The Being” focuses on theatrical and opulent aesthetics of the 1920’s and 18th century, shown through the styling. In contrast, the make-up and photography style brings in the current shift to genderless, futuristic fashion and acceptance of body modifications. It’s all about being bold and comfortable in self expression.
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