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Annalise Rodgers is a Bachelor of Design student graduating 2020; she has been passionate about fashion and design from a very young age. She was initially inspired by her interest in beautiful architecture and interior styling which then progressively and naturally evolved into a love of fashion. Fash- ion became a very significant aspect in her life. Throughout her high school years, she began attending sewing classes and private tutoring to further develop her skills in the technical side of fashion design. As well as furthering her love for design and creativity in her visual communication design class at school. As a result of frequently visiting a local fabric store for personal projects, the manager saw her potential and asked if she would be interested in a job. She learnt valuable retail and customer service skills and marketing methods. For her graduate collection she wanted to express and reflect her values and aspirations as a designer in her own life. Her designs embody a sweet femininity with a sexy undertone. Annalise loves how clothing can not only be a beautiful expression of one’s personality, but also have the ability to transform an individual entirely and influence how other people perceive you.
The 2020 graduate collection ‘A lily among thorns’, represents a beauty that does not compare to any other. In a way it can relate to the story reminiscent to a fairytale. The women who wear these designs are the ‘lily’ among the thorns, they are desired but also protected and respected. The concept of a ‘Lily’ among thorns not only represents the strength of womanhood to withstand the trials surrounding her, but also illustrates the endearment and aspiration shown to woman who wear these garments... (Read more about my collection in my design Portfolio)


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