Tam Cam

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Anne Thu Pham is a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on photography. Her work is a reflection of her deep interest in finding the nuances in everyday subjects. Starting her journey in the creative industry as a makeup artist, she has a deep understanding of human forms in photography. She aims to amplify the exploration of human relationships and to Mother Nature that we are fortunate to inhabit. Born and raised in Vietnam, she also proudly presents her culture in her work to further establish a creative voice. Poetic, daring and nostalgic are a few words to describe her approach to art and design.
As a child, I recall the fairy tales that were told by word of mouth, with no written records, by the elderly. This oral tradition gave fairytales many variations, each person giving something to these stories to fit their own narrative. To me, that made the fairytales so magical. I myself also want to be part of this tradition, retelling the story through visual media.

In this project, I have combined my love of fashion photography and illustration with my nostalgia for the fairytales of my childhood.

This has become a modern visualisation of Tam Cam - the Vietnamese version of ‘Cinderella’ and avant-garde fashion. Neither the fashion nor the fairytale are for the faint hearted, with themes of love, loss, drama and revenge.

I have applied the story of Tam Cam as a vehicle, with which to convey images of modern beauty and fashion.

I have collaborated with a range of creatives to build a floral fantasy set, sourced fashion from a range of emerging fashion designers and incorporated my illustrations to create a powerful graphic experience.


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