Anri Kim was born and raised in Ehime, Japan, she developed her interest in Fashion and Styling when she moved to Australia for study and experimented with her style. She is a Creative director, Stylist and Photographer based in Melbourne, building up her style and experiences in this field. Her blend of  simplicity and attention to detail is expressed through her Japanese modern aesthetic. She applies geometric shapes and lines which are highlighted through a muted, monochromatic colour palette. She also gets inspirations from pop culture and digital art manipulations, merging into her designs.

Shiki is a fashion editorial that focuses on styling and aesthetics in each season. This project was inspired by Japanese poetry Haiku, one of the shortest poetry forms in the world. Haiku can showcase the beauty of spatial temporality by following two fundamental rules: to be at least 17 syllables long and to contain one seasonal term(Kigo/季語). The major connection between Styling/fashion and Haiku is the seasonal sense and how they create a sense of mood and atmosphere. In this editorial, seasons are expressed through the stylings in nature and using Kigo (seasonal term) to link back to the idea of Haiku.
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