Aoibha Doyle is an emerging fashion designer based in Sydney, Australia. Aoibha grew up on the east coast of Australia which played a major part in her brand values and desire to utilise sustainable products and practices. She utilises natural and locally made Australian products to create her designs. Aoibha was granted the AWET scholarship from the Australian Wool Association to contribute to the creation of her graduate collection.
The Sixties and Seventies have been a muse of inspiration for Aoibha in the development of her creations, along with organic shapes and textures which reflect Aoibha’s personal style. Her attentive eye enables her to build strong colour palettes and create harmonious colour stories in her work.

Shaag is an ode to the classic shag carpet, an iconic part of mid-century modern interior design. The collection has been produced using Australian wool products, which aligns with Aoibha’s values as a designer. This includes a custom-printed cotton/wool tweed and tufted woollen texture.
Aoibha merges historical and contemporary concepts by incorporating natural fibres into her work, while the evolutions in technology during the Sixties and Seventies saw the creation of synthetic-based design. Strong architectural influences have been derived from Pierre Cardin’s architectural wonder, ‘Palias Bulles’ in Cannes, France. The smooth surfaces and cellular shapes that comprise the structure are reflected into the capsule collection through smooth edges, crisp circular cut-outs and swirling patterns.
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