Asher England is a Melbourne based artist who recently graduated from the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia. Born in Brisbane, the fashion designer became quickly acquainted with design where he became fascinated with the mechanisms and functions that dictate everything. Appealing towards his scientific brain he would pursue a career in engineering, achieving an acceptance in the University of Queensland's Bachelor of Engineering course. Despite this triumph Asher couldn't let go of his creative side, a burning passion transcended towards necessity. 

Upon deciding to study at Whitehouse, Asher has developed a unique taste for print making and unorthodox pattern making, leading towards his signature pleated pant. Over the course of his degree Asher has been featured in Melbourne Fashion week and worked with multiple stylists and renowned artists. His creative aesthetic can be described as a hazy blur, mixing brutalist stand points with chunky silhouettes.

WORLD TOUR explores a combination of unrealistic punk ethos that speaks depth through unorthodox pattern making and abstract connotations. This collection is inspired by party culture with a heavy emphasis on unpredictable and loud, rebellious natures. This body of work is a culmination of experiences, stories, numerous nights out, and the evolution of an ongoing character building excise of a designer finding his way through the world.
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