Ashley Ha is an Australian Designer from Sydney, whose work explores a mixture of grunge
looks and haute couture techniques. She favours dramatic silhouettes and complex fabric
manipulations. Ashley utilises textiles, prints and technological influences to create minimalistic designs based on concepts of her childhood.
During the design process, Ashley is able to 3D print and produce many structured pieces to express innovations, allowing designs to become physical while cutting back on wasteful

“Parallel Delusion” is a collection based on the Japanese film genre of “Mecha” which centres on the ideas of technology, hardware, androids and vehicles. This range explores neutral colours, metallics, customised pleating techniques and futuristic textures. 3D printing has been used to create accessories exclusive to the collection to recreate the feeling of computer hardware. Designs are manipulated to suggest the armour of androids and the functionality of gaming avatars. With a love of gaming, Ashley focuses on bringing animation to life while keeping the designs complex and innovative. Fabrication includes gun-metal voile made out of 100% cotton, along with woven lané of lurex check.
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