Ayesha Waheed is a young, motivated fashion designer as well as an illustrator from Sydney Australia. Her work was reflected on the things she loves such as her pet parrot, drawing, colour and refined garments. Which helped her design aesthetic which is being colourful with prints and refined garments but with a twist, with the proportions being different sizes but still making it wearable. Making simple designs with different proportions with internal panels is the key elements to her designs.
Over the course of her degree she has developed problem - solving skills and technical skills that encompass many aspects of the design process. These include illustration, print design, pattern making and digital design.

Feathers of Home is a summer capsule collection inspired by a macaw - the patterns, the movement, the colours and the layering of the feathers. The main feature represented throughout the collection is the macaw’s wing. This has been expressed as seen from afar as well through a microscopic lens;  observing the straight, sharp, angular shapes.  The four original print designs created for the collection are inspired by the joyous, luminous colours of parrots. The prints use morphic, organic shapes to mimic wings while also creating a contrast between cool and warm colours. The collection features structured and layered pieces with fitted and flared silhouettes. The layers are intended to emphasise notions of freedom and movement.
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