Bella Edstrom is a multidisciplinary designer and photographer who has recently graduated from Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia. Her creative vision is largely narrative based, championing authenticity and connection above all. An interest in daily rituals across the food, fashion and wellness spaces has resulted in highly conceptual stories, shedding a new light on seemingly ordinary entities.
She often draws inspiration from her Scandinavian roots to produce a minimal and emotive aesthetic, resulting in curated imagery that evokes a sense of warmth and curiosity.

“The Salts of Life” is a concept that examines the salt-based rituals which ground our everyday lives; to sweat, to season and to scrub.  Delving into the historic origins of the word “salary”, where roman legions were paid a “salarium” of salt instead of gold due to its high value, this concept explores self-care rituals as a way of ‘paying’ your own metaphoric salary.
With a colour palette derived from different kinds of salt, “The Salts of Life” explores both literal and conceptual connotations, studying salt across the lifestyle, food, and beauty sectors. Connecting ideas of slow and intentional living, the narrative speaks to an idealistic day of rest and restoration expressed through a photojournalistic lens.
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