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Born and raised in Outback Australia, this continues to be a determinate influence on Beth as a young designer. Her personal experiences and interactions with the land present her with a unique perspective as a designer, and has shaped the design conscience which informs her practice.
This special link between agriculture and textiles spotlights the use of natural fibres, as well as a strong focus on sustainable and ethical process within her practice.
Timelessness and versatility are hallmarks of her designs, and she aspires to achieve functional and considered design that is artisanally crafted with bespoke detail and high-end construction to bring longevity and personality to the garments at their core. The aesthetic is defined through generous silhouette that carefully tows the line between masculinity and femininity.
The ‘Rust & Nostalgia’ Collection is largely a narrative of self-reflection, inspired by her own early life by honouring those memories, and embracing her personal interactions and experiences with the land, like the layers of silty red dust accumulated on rusted machinery, and her dad’s iconic checked handkerchiefs.
The colour palette is derived from rich earthy colours and uses high-quality natural fabrications. The garments have intricate design details – employing an eco-dyeing technique – and deconstructs and augments traditional symbols of workwear by playing on notions of utility and functionality. Innovative, relevant fabrications, and use of unusual fastenings work holistically to elevate the collection. The garments are diversely designed – layer-able and interchangeable with detachable components for ultimate wearability; and the use of generous silhouette also brings a level of gender neutrality.


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