Betty Kang is a Sydney based Fashion designer and  illustrator. With dedication to fine arts and photography her creative focus is inspired through architectural shapes and contemporary figures with a twist of the feminine aesthetics. While working with ranges from Avant-garde to ready-to-wear for both mens and womenswear, She combines nature’s complexity and architectural photography to collaborate with graphic prints, asymmetric shapes and fabric manipulation to extend her contemporary research. 

‘Adventurous’ is established within the archetypes of an explorer who seeks to make discovery within the man-made world and nature evolved around themselves. The collection is about coming up with new innovative print designs which are extended from combining hard structured fabrication to a softer silhouette that creates bold elements but with a subtle touch of femininity. By rendering architectural manipulation of skyscraper prints onto fabric, adding softer fabric manipulation to represent the motion of water flows in rockpools. The characteristic of each piece is about manipulating bold frames and structural shapes which comes with the vision of a powerful woman who takes on challenges from this society but she also has the freedom of expressing her own identity.
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