The Theory of Soma

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Brigette Cantarella is a multidisciplinary Designer that seeks to redefine classic trends in a contemporary setting, creating a design aesthetic that is atmospheric, detailed and refined. Her eye for interpreting current trends, combined with her influence from classic art and culture actuates a stylistic and emotive narrative throughout all her work.
With a developed skillset that can be applied to Photography, Graphic Design, Creative Direction and Branding, Brigette injects contemporary ideas and a conceptual visual culture to any project. With a strong understanding of various photographic techniques, and graphic elements, Brigette is an adaptive artist who seeks to find the beauty in the finer details. Drawing strong influence from her Italian Heritage and the duality of symbolism, this emerging designer is looking forward to creating pieces that are balanced in innovation, and conceptual beauty.
‘The Theory of Soma’ is an independent Fashion and Interior focused zine that seeks to reintroduce the beauty and nostalgia of print publication and physical processes. Focusing on sensory experiences and the concept of immersion, the zine offers a visual culture of rich textures, informative articles and an Augmented Reality App to place the audience into the SOMA experience. As the ‘new-age’ consumer seeks meaningful connections in their current buying behaviour, the interactive elements of the product allow the reader to become a part of the visual narrative, whilst providing an experience through print media. The Theory of Soma highlights the beauty in the uncertainty of physical process, which encompasses the ever-changing experience of the senses, and embraces traditional mediums in contemporary formats.


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