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My name is Brooke Conchie and I am a Fashion Designer/Costume Designer. My work is always a reflection of myself and what I stand for. I like to mix different styles together and take things from each to create one look or one cool aesthetic. I always look to fashion, particularly grunge and punk, from the 90’s and my favourite designer is Vivienne Westwood. I also like to incorporate films and/or TV shows as costume design is something that I am incredibly passionate about. For all of my life I have looked to characters from my favourite movies for style inspiration and I feel lucky that I am able to be unapologetically myself in this line of work and cater my collections to people just like me
My concept for this collection is based on the hit TV show, ‘Euphoria’. It centres around teenagers battling serious issues, such as drug addiction, sexuality, relationships, etc. I have been a fan of this show since its release and was so inspired by the outfits created by Heidi Bivens and the makeup looks created by Doniella Davy. Together, they were able to inspire a whole generation of teens to experiment with their makeup and clothing. I felt this vibe of the show completely matched what aesthetic I was trying to create. Looking at what Jules, Rue and Kat wore in the show was helpful as they perfectly encapsulated my personal style and design aesthetic. I went through a process of trying to reimagine what they would wear if I were replaced as costume designer. Being a costume designer, it’s important to understand the characters stories and really get into their headspace to get a real understanding of what their personal style is and how they navigate current fashion trends. I feel the designs I’ve come up with express this concept and give off the characters energy.


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