Caitlin Stubberfield is a photographer and stylist with a strong interest in creative direction. Caitlin grew up in a small, Central West NSW town of Wellington, before moving to Sydney to commence her studies in a Bachelor of Design specialising in creative direction and styling. From her rural upbringing, surrounded by multitudes of flora and fauna, Caitlins works have been heavily influenced by natural elements and texture of the earth. Her work spans from food, fashion and interior styling and she is well known for producing conceptual shoots based on her personal interest in science and the environment. Caitlin has an eye for fashion styling with a strong use of texture and anomaly throughout the creation of her folios. She sees herself working for a fashion photography/creative direction agency in the fashion industry in the future with the opportunities to grow and explore her photography capabilities.

“The horse. There is nobility without conceit, friendship without envy, beauty without vanity.”(source unknown). High Horse is the visual journey, exploring the historic connection between human and horse. Through the journey of 3 stories, High Horse explores the unlikely comparisons of the lives of the two organisms.
Exploring first, the physical anatomy. Spanning from head to toe of both beings, juxtaposing bodily features and drawing similarities in daily tasks.  Then highlighting the adornment and accessorisation of the two, through fashion and protective dress; emphasising the immense inspiration that humans draw from equine beings.
The narrative also dives into the nature and personality of the horses. By comparing the faces of humans and horses through exaggerated emotions in photography, synchronising the emotions of humans with horses.
It is playful, beautiful and engaging.
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