Camille is an Avant-Garde fashion designer and illustrator whose inspirations stem from the art world and her urban environment. Raised amidst the busy city, she has come to acknowledge her appreciation of the contrasts between nature and the modern concrete jungle, as well as their inextricable similarities. By successfully combining structural geometric forms with organic fluidity from her inspirations, and executing them through a modern artistic vision, her aesthetic is bold, daring, and transformative. Camille is highly detail-oriented, using varying lines in conjunction with unique fabric manipulations and interesting fabrications/prints. She strives to step outside of the norm creating one-off stand-out pieces that are innovative yet tactile.

The trans-seasonal collection ‘Fractal Geometry’, draws inspiration from the connection between nature and the human body through the juxtaposing shapes they both form. It includes fractal patterns that can be found in the body’s make-up as well as in the topographic contours of environmental elements. Camille has emphasised this link through the repetitive use of organic, bold lines and contemporary techno print, relating to the modern world. Each piece is highly detailed, featuring tactile fabric manipulations that encapsulate the similarities of line and form. The essence of juxtaposition is relevant to the modern fabrications that contrast, shine vs matte. Similarly to the nature-relevant colour palette that has been adjusted to form a unifying yet contradictory discord.
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