Carissa Hardas is an emerging Fashion Designer based in Sydney, and a Fashion Design Graduate from Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia. As an inspired creative, designing garments to empower women is at the forefront of her design philosophy, creating garments to embrace the female form, all with the vision of making each woman feel beautiful. Carissa Hardas aspires to create timeless and bespoke pieces through this Resort Collection, ‘Bare Femininity’, unique to each and every client.  
Over the course of Carissa’s studies, her design identity has been refined to achieve this vision through bold colour palettes and cut-out details, ultimately achieving; Bare femininity.  

Project Statement:
Bare Femininity, defined as empowering the female naked form, is the title of this Capsule Resort Collection, achieving the collection’s vision through its inspiration of the beauty of the body, reflected through fitted silhouettes, cut-out details, bold colourways, and revealing zipper details.  
This Capsule Collection features five bodies, all-encompassing of the concept of a wet, resort look, with moulded and fitted silhouettes, and two-way zipper details to reveal the naked form. Utilizing Neoprene as the central fabrication has allowed the garments to successfully mould around the body with its two-way stretch quality. This fabrication has also allowed for each garment to accentuate every curve and contour of the female form when worn. Silk has also been incorporated as a feminine fabric, subtly revealing the body through its sheer quality, also alluding to the concept of the collection; Empowering the beauty of the body.  
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