Casey Leeming graduated from the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia in 2022. She is an aspiring creative director and photographer with a passion for narrative imagery which communicates deeper meaning. She grew up in a quiet suburb in Sydney, taking interest in various art forms and creative expressions. Casey is inspired by human emotion and activity, exploring the ins and outs of society. She consistently involves vintage elements in her work and is passionate about utilising Polaroid and Film to capture life in its most original form. Casey has a keen eye in searching for the obscurity in everything and is eager to encourage humans to reflect and always ask questions.

The Listener and The Band  is a photographic narrative, following the journey of a man living in his home in the 1970s; his life is consumed by his favourite band. This character openly adores this band, listening to them whilst doing his daily chores and mundane tasks, making his own life a little more exciting. The clothes he wears, his possessions and the way he behaves reflect this passion for his musical heroes. This story expresses the ways in which The Listener and The Band  truly impact each other, how certain people are idolised and most of all, how........

....we all just want to be part of something.
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