Catelyn McKenzie is an emerging Sydney based Creative and Stylist. She has been a big fan of Photography ever since she was a kid and has continued this passion after studying at the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia.  Catelyn has always had a passion for bright colours and interesting plays on Anomaly which is evident throughout all her design works. Inspiration for these works can be found from her love of Streetwear and Fashion. She also like to incorporate fun and graphic elements to reflect her outgoing personality. Along with this, McKenzie is able to analyse current trends to reflect what is going on in the current market and adapt her projects to be on trend but still unique.

Anyone Anywhere is a fashion editorial that explores the evolution of sneakers in society. The original origin story of sneakers begins at its sporting beginnings. I think this is an integral part of the image of sneakers, as this is what comes to mind first. In the Modern day, sneakers are seen not only in sporting fields but in fashion as well. They have become an everyday staple for all, mixing comfort and design. I have created this story and portrayed the evolution by touching on the origin of sneakers with aspects such as location and props and mixing them with streetwear and businesswear. This conveys the idea that sneakers can essentially be worn by Anyone Anywhere. Sneakers are used to express individuality and creativity, adding to this  idea is the notion that sneakers help people travel places, each pair of sneakers takes a person on a new adventure.
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