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Catherine Chapman is a Bachelor of Design Student, with a love for fashion design and illustration. At sixteen she decided that fashion design was the career path she wanted to pursue.This choice was inspired by her love for fashion magazines like VOGUE and Harper’s Bazaar.Every spare minute was spent searching up celebrity red carpet and street style looks on Pinterest, developing a fascination for ‘edgy glam’.Beginning a Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology, she developed pattern-making and sewing skills that would later assist her in her bachelor studies. Once she graduated from High School, she began her studies at Whitehouse Institute of Design. At the same time, she was offered a job as a retail sales assistant at CUE & Veronika Maine. Her journey with the retail company lasted just over a year. In that time, she developed her business understanding working in their boutiques and concession stores. Each manager and visual merchandiser she met, she took the opportunity to learn and develop new marketing and sale techniques.For her final year at Whitehouse, she wanted to create a collection that reflected her as a designer. Thinking back to all those hours spent on Pinterest exploring different styles and trends. The Aesthetic for this collection would be summarised in three words: edgy, feminine and glamorous. These words aligning with her personal style.She loves the way clothes can make one feel, seeing how beautifully they can express someone’s personality and shape their identity 
The Indulgent Atmosphere collection embodies its concept creating a feeling that transcends time and space. Filling all voids and desires, this collection is for women who value luxurious living.The collection features a beautiful bold colour palette that expresses the colours of its season.The unique style mixes contemporary and historic silhouettes. Featuring voluminous sleeves, fabrication variety and panel pieces that create attention to detail at the waistline. The women who wear these pieces are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. They are risk-takers who are fashion-forward and daring.


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