Charlea is a young interior creator centred around providing carefully considered designs ranging across residential and commercial spaces that are vibrant, immersive, playful and fundamentally functional for each and every one of her clients. Charlea’s core values as the modern interior designer surround the use of aesthetically unique, sustainable and locally sourced materials, furnishings, fixtures and finishes to provide spaces that are of the standards of the clients, while also up-keeping the modern interior designer’s responsibility of being environmentally conscious and producing quality, sustainable and innovative end-results for her clients.​​​​​​​
When selecting Charlea for employment, it means that collaborative thinking; constant transparency and communication between Charlea and the client is highly valuable and important when ensuring the client’s needs and wants are 100% reflected within the end design, as well as allowing for aesthetic exploration to really push boundaries and open doors to new possibilities for the client.

The warehouse site of 202-206 Brunswick Street Fitzroy has been transformed into ‘DOME’, 772 square meters of Bauhaus/Retro-Futurism inspired music studios, live venue and weekend fun, located within an easily accessible, prime Fitzroy location only 91 meters away from St David street/Brunswick street tram stop and 1.3 kilometres from Parliament train station. ’DOME’ will allow young-adult Melburnians to be inspired by the rich, diverse and inclusive Melbourne music scene and bring back the liveliness of Fitzroy due to the lack of venues post-COVID19.
The space includes a dynamic, relaxed and moody lounge bar area designed to allow for intimate group socialising, a live-performance stage with a private and secured band room, dance floor and seating, as well as a reception area accessing the closed-off studio mezzanine with a large sound-proof room for instrumental recording paired with storage cabinets and a separate room for ‘Public Address systems’ (PA systems) and sound mixing. The mezzanine studio area is controlled with a security system only accessible via a “studio access” card in which is possessed by staff and acquired by bands hiring out the studio during the day to ensure the security of equipment and performers. The site also includes a large roller door accessed via Kent Street at the rear-end of the site for easy transportation and unloading of equipment into and out of the venue.
The otherwise contradicting combination of Bauhaus and Retro-Futurism have been modernised by utilising colours seen in Retro-Futuristic design and simplifying them using Bauhaus design logic and materiality to create the striking and energised interior through bold colour, tactility, furnishings and unique bespoke lighting selections. The dynamic shifts as the visual presentation of design finishes will change in their effect in colour-changing lighting to really create a unique, exiting and lively atmosphere.

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