Chelsea Woodlands Mitchell, is a Sydney based independent fashion designer and artist who strives for quality and elements of practicality within her designs. Her work reflects her passion for the natural world and specifically the human experiences found within. Chelsea’s design philosophy has been influenced by her need to create designs that allow the wearer to feel free and express themselves but also to create sustainable garments that have high quality in both construction and materials. She has applied these elements to all of her collections with a keen eye for detail and use of colour.

Quintessence is a collection made for the wanderers soul. Encapsulating the spirit of adventure and the wonders of nature. The true essence of what it means to be human, exploring this earth in all its far corners. Rich greens and browns of the earth evoke the design's inextricable link to nature, contrasted by acid green and bright yellow tones. The wearer becomes the explorer, someone with the strike for adrenaline. The silhouettes are inspired by billowing parachutes and strappy adventure gear. Quintessence has been created using mostly Australian wool fabrics, an ode to the natural world and the growing interest of being sustainable.
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