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CHLOE ALBERTI is a Melbourne born Stylist and Photographer who has experience working in fashion, interior and food styling. Her expertise and passion lies in the Food Styling discipline. Chloe’s signature style aesthetic is embedded in her curated compositions that celebrate the beauty of real food and evoke a bright and clean message. Her body of work showcases a variety of foods and food styling techniques that are both creative and commercial. She centres her food styling around Spring/ Summer using vibrant tones to captivate the viewer. Storytelling as well as sustainability are two core values Chloe feels adds meaning and depth to her creative designs. This drives her in creating content that is sentimental to her.
‘Essence’ is about capturing visual stories and displaying vibrant imagery that emphasises the natural beauty of food in an editorial format. Essence focuses on the honest details and intricate connections we have with food as well as the important role it plays in our lives. Each shoot will consist of a warm toned colour palette that has a Spring/Summer feel. The times of days are accompanied by specific foods to reflect on the concept, ‘Sunrise to Sunset.’

Essence by Chloe Alberti

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