Chloe Green is a multidisciplinary designer and artist from Sydney, Australia. Informed by her interests in science, mathematics, and sustainability, Chloe prioritises using natural materials and contrasting both organic and inorganic shapes in order to portray a sense of wholeness. Chloe often employs an expressive use of colour, and embraces androgyny within her designs. Her motive as a designer is to provoke curiosity. This holistic approach to design allows for a design process that has been approached both thoughtfully and intentionally.

An intersection between science and spirituality, the Sulphur collection dissects ideologies from space and human existence and amalgamates these with newfound aspects of the physical universe as we rediscover it. The integration of the newly completed James Webb telescope and its images into our lives and general understanding of life itself, has both a very intimate and existential quality. When reflecting on Earth’s rich variety of landscapes, we are met with our own alienesque ecosystems. With references to the rugged and vibrant landscapes birthed from Ethiopia’s sulphuric springs, this collection boasts free-flowing and oversized silhouettes coupled with circular shapes and seamlines, signifying a movement away from body-hugging garments.
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