Chloe Nelson is a Melbourne based creative, photographer and stylist interested in exploring feminism and human evolution. She explores this through vibrant colour and textural juxtaposition, experimenting in graphic design and post- production effects. While most of Chloe’s designs project a playful uplifting narrative, design concepts are inspired from impactful moments in time, particularly inspired by the 1970’s history and aesthetics.  Chloe carries a strong colour palette of pinks, reds and oranges, and a textural experience is something she prioritises in her work. Organic line, bright, ‘poppy’ designs and collage holds a major presence in her designs. Chloe surrounds herself with uplifting family and friends, who inspire her work, as she aims to spark joy among others.

Her Majesty aims to capture a warped perception of reality through anomaly, dreamscape collage and images capturing fashion and lifestyle photography. It embodies the perspective of looking through the world with rose coloured glasses.
The use of antique looking crystal vessels and details, ties in with the royal aesthetic, as well as juxtaposing the modern bubble/plastic textures with something traditional. My design style consists of meshing and contrasting a retro and modernised aesthetics. It will also tie in the retro style of cakes and desserts.
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