Chloe Skye is a Western Sydney based creative director, photographer and illustrator with a unique motif to her design work. The beach atmosphere was an appreciated landscape in her world and while studying at Whitehouse Institute of Design she has discovered her design style by involving her own personal life in a unique way to her art. She applies her personal style to her location photography and hand and digital illustrations in a creative format to produce a fun flowing concept. Her main focus is expressing an emotion of out of placement and an appreciation of our Australian landscapes while involving fashion and design.
2020 has been a year of observing the outdoors from our windows within our homes. We have been unable to leave the couch. Summer is on the horizon and it’s time to take our couches out with us and connect once again with our amazing Australian beach landscapes. The title ‘Couch Surfing’ is a play on words, bringing in a more adventurous meaning. Each person featured in the editorial brings a personal touch of skate culture and the landscape. It’s their vision of the lifestyle reimagined though my imagery. Monster Children magazine was an inspiration for the imagery by expressing the freedom and humour in the culture. The series of chairs represents the individuality of each shoot and the person itself, while also bringing in a sense of quirkiness and being out of place. To this end I have created the series of photos and illustrations and placed them in a creative layout to portray and appeal to the skate and surf culture in the fashion and art world.


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