Christopher is a multifaceted Creative based in Sydney, who has enjoyed an avid career as a Visual Merchandiser for brands such as Gucci and Diesel before refining his craft at Whitehouse Institue of Design, Australia; where he received the Design Award in his first year for his outstanding achievements. His work spans styling projects that include fashion, food and interiors, which draws inspiration from all aspects of his life. Christopher is known for producing quality work that exudes a luxurious and contemporary feel, and his notable use of lighting to create rich and dynamic visuals.

Taboo, is an exploration of fetish-wear in the fashion landscape, drawing inspiration from queer artists such as Robert Mapplethorpe and Tom of Finland, whose fetish inspired photography and art were considered quite taboo during the time they were released. Taboo is a contemporary take on BSDM and fetish subcultures, combining hard and soft textures to create bold fashion looks that stimulate a suggestion of dominance and submission. Hoping to challenge its audience to be daring; Taboo provokes oneself to step outside their comfort zone, as what may be considered taboo today may be in-Vogue tomorrow.
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