Interior Designer Courtney Siesmaa started her experimentation within the design industry back in 2017 where she completed an Associate Degree in Fashion Design and Technology at RMIT. From here, she became a visual merchandiser and was able to push her creative talents while working for a leading sports fashion retail company. In 2021 Courtney started her interior design journey at Whitehouse where she has been able to dive deeper into more of a personal understanding of her values and passions of design and expand her branding of a blend between both contemporary and mid century aesthetics. Courtney’s values of being a designer represent external influences such as focusing on sustainable design choices, pledging a commitment to use artists and designers from the LBGT+ community and having the ability to form relationships between external landscapes into internal spaces.

Reflecting the heart of Australia, its local culture and historical roots, the W Hotel by Marriott is set to open its first micro hotel in Central Australia in 2025. All concepts for the W Hotel’s have a strong focus around ensuring that the external elements of the city are represented within the internal components of the building. The W Hotel, Central Australia ensures that external elements are represented in using natural materials and colour ways that form a relationship back to the land. This shows a contemporary approach and allows the land to still be a main focus of the site while also pledging to cause minimal disruption to the earth. Alongside staying in one of the 8 villas that look out to views of either Uluru or Field of Lights, guests are encouraged to explore the new hospitality venues 'Alice' and 'The Rocks' whilst staying at the W's newest Australian addition.
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