Darcey Fair is a multidisciplinary photographer and stylist who found her niche for fashion and design communication at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia. Through her studies she has extensive experience in creative planning and fine tuning photographic imagery and has deepened her passion for creative direction and styling. With a timeless, modern approach combined with simplicity, her style always represents a sophisticated sensibility. Darcey’s work consists of rich textures and a combination of natural and studio lighting that complement one another and produce an unexpected edge with an easy mix of femininity.

This concept explores the beauty of repair with a focus on rejuvenation. The focal point is the mind and the healthy response to a more relaxed approach to life, portrayed through artistic and photographic imagery. The idea of rejuvenation as the act of mending was influenced by the Japanese art of Kintsugi which embraces broken pottery by fixing it with gold. This concept is conveyed by embracing the flaws of objects as well as fixing them with uniqueness or accepting the beauty of its brokenness. The importance of showcasing Australian fashion pieces is integral for the design ethos and creating a sense of self. The narrative is portrayed through three colour stories, each representing a different way of rejuvenation; Swim, Repair and Clay. The swim section will portray the coastal landscape and its serenity and calmness including textural elements from this environment. Repair conveys the restoration of a youthful appearance and the state of the mind when it is at its most purified state. Clay and the idea of creation as an act of rejuvenation should not be a worry for perfectionism, instead should be an uncontrollable flow. 
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