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Diliana Malaish is a Bold, Elegant, and experimental designer working with a range of prints, hand drawn illustrations with various mediums, digital design and illustrations, and fashion design. She is based in Melbourne, Australia. She is currently a second year Bachelor of Design student at Whitehouse institute of Design 2020.
Diliana has worked as a Co-designer with Magano the label on 12/9/2019 to 31 of December 2019. And has volunteered for the Melbourne fashion festival 2020 on the 4-14 of march. Her goal is to expand her career and knowledge within the creative industry. More specifically the fashion industry in the ready to wear and couture field.
The protagonist is a S/S ready to wear womenswear and menswear collection. What is a Warrior? What makes us a Warrior? What is empowerment? Can a woman be a warrior? The Protagonist was inspired by the movie the hunger games from the protagonist Katniss Everdeen. It features multi coloured prints, contrast, full blown scaled prints, repeat prints, oversized silhouettes to represent the boldness, power, and the courageous nature.
The print features poetic art, dreamy atmosphere, abstract realism, and vibrant hues illustrated with gouache & watercolour, inspired by Dimitra Milan’s paintings. It expresses and visualises the notion of power and fearlessness. The black panther in the quarter of the woman’s face expresses the power and strength the woman has, that she is mentally and physically strong. Although the collection is very daring, the bright fanciful colours reinforces the Ethereal, Elegant, and experimental aesthetic. The blown-up eyes in the prints expresses the fearlessness in the woman’s eyes. Society had replaced the public's interpretation of who is a warrior. The prominent colours that were used such as purple and blue, purple represents power, devotion, and extravagance and blue symbolises confidence of the theme. The fabrications featured are all polyester bringing out the striking vibrant coloured prints alive. Ranging from Aspens, Satin, Odessa, and Dusky Lilac.
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