Lettishia Hall is an Australian fashion designer, born in Mornington. Lettishia has been studying fashion design for over 3 years with Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia. Growing up half in the country side and the other on the peninsula, she found herself intrigued by art and texture. Lettishia's passion grew the more she fed her interests. Fast forwarding to now she develops and strives for projects, collections and details that fall close to her personal expenses. Progressing onward she pays close attention to detail, colourways and stories depicted throughout her work. 

The Butterfly Effect. The idea of every choice creating a rippling effect in the future. Taking this from a feminine aspect and revealing the growth and. changes in women's confidence. Simple changes rippling into the future, standing up for women's rights, becoming leaders and role models for the world to follow. Expressed though volume, texture and angelic colours. This collection is designed with the goal to provoke emotion and feeling as the collection shows movement and integrity. The collection DIVINE FEMININITY is intended to create interest when looking at the garments. Showing off the woman's figure and bringing forward divine feminine energy.
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