Edwina Harding is a multimedia-based fashion designer and graphic artist from South Coast NSW. Some foundations of her design work came from her earlier degree in Visual Arts and Graphic Design which has adapted her garments into modern and empowering pieces. All her designs embody a handmade and industrial component. Whether it may be textured, wool applique, rope accessories and industrial fabric manipulation. 
Postmodernism and the concept of finding beauty in all things  are some of the many themes explored in her designs. Edwina has a passion for creating prints which combines her love of merging high fashion with alternative fashion styles and materials. 
Edwina has been awarded the Designer of the trimester award for her Menswear designs. 

“IND” is a multidimensional trans-seasonal collection that utilises many juxtaposing materials and ideologies. The modesty of the high necklines and long sleeves are then juxtaposed with the mesh overlay, modern lace trims and snakeskin imagery. The moth is a symbol used throughout Edwina’s studies to further symbolise hidden beauty in life and death. 
Puritan fashion combined with modern prints and alternative materials was a reoccurring theme throughout all the bodies of work. The goal  IND was to combine various contrasting themes and elements from my design studies into a harmonious story. 
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