Eliza Yates is a British Fashion Designer, currently based in Sydney, Australia. She developed her unique design aesthetic from her lifelong admiration of Haute Couture, juxtaposed with modern influences from art, architecture, and automotives. She discovered her passion for exploring the contrasts between femininity and masculinity through the combination of hard and soft fabrics and textures, in flattering silhouettes that emphasise the beauty of the female form. Eliza’s attention to detail and continued determination to push the boundaries of design has resulted in the creation of many interesting textures and designs. Executed with precision, her designs utilise her graphic print designs, paired with both innovative and traditional techniques of pattern making and experimentation.

'Statuesque' explores the idea of individual expression and perspective, with the stark contrast between strong architecture, paired with the romantic and emotional influence of art. The collection sees structured, masculine shapes derived from architecture, balanced with luxurious, soft, and feminine fabrics that emulate elements of different art movements throughout history, contrasted further with the sleek and strong lines of automotives. The low tone colour palette of black, navy, and dark teal with a shock of acid yellow and hints of silver creates a moody aesthetic. The choice of fabrics enhances the richness and attitude for a modern interpretation of art vs. architecture vs. automotives.
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