Ellah Webster is an emerging interior designer based in Sydney who designs for longevity and flexibility. Influenced by the natural world, she aims to create unique and inspiring spaces that positively impact the environment. Her main philosophy is to design for the future by stepping back from fast furniture and current trends. This understanding allows for a space to be sustainably designed. With a passion for retail design and fashion, Ellah believes interiors are so much more than a room with clothes rails and shelving displays. Through conceptual and innovative design, she believes spaces should be able to tell a story and ignite inspiration as well as having aesthetic appeal. Driven by her creative passion, Ellah is able to create timeless spaces which speak to each individual client.

​​​​​​​People have a desire to escape reality and be submerged into an experiential space which is what the Balenciaga Flagship Store will be. The design showcases an experimental retail layout which attracts patrons from across the globe. The store creates a marriage between the old and the new by being an experiential space with an innovative retail fit out that is parallel to the existing brand identity.

The space focuses on the journey as a whole and how a customer naturally moves and interacts with the space. Emphasising product display by a unique and individual fit-out creates elements of unique interest with the intention to hold customers attention to the space as they naturally gravitate through the store. This all ties back to reflecting the brands nature and essence. The three-level site allows for certain areas to be more exclusive to high-profile customers while others are more open to the public eye. The vision for the space is to attract as many people to the Sydney store as possible while celebrating a historical fashion icon.  
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