Hazy Fantazy

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Eloise Cochrane is a young, motivated creative director and production designer. Growing up in a small coastal Australian town, her work often reflects her love for the environment that shaped her. Her personality and work follow colourful,Australian, quirky themes. She has been working in creative fields both locally and in Sydney while studying. Her works span styling and production design for creative projects from music videos for record label Astral People to assisting for acclaimed production designer Jess Jacob, as well as directing her own smaller passion projects. She has applied her keen eye and use of colour to other areas such as photography for food, fashion and interior styling.
Hazy Fantazy is a colourful fashion film that pays tribute to the Australian landscape. This landscape for me, along with many, is most relatable and serene in small coastal towns, that are riddled with warm, hazy childhood memories. The story follows three mischievousAustralian “nature nymphs” inspired by the evocative characters in May Gibbs’ timeless Gumnut Babies stories. They venture from their natural hiding places through 1960s-esque suburbia to finally meet each other in a dreamy afternoon tea party. Hazy Fantazy was shot on 16mm film to effectively translate the authentic quality of the dream-world I imagined, and to fulfil my own passions for vintage photographic techniques that align with global music video and fashion film trends. The setting is intrinsically Australian, with food styling and production design supporting this. My analysis of local and international fashion directions bolstered my personal design choices, with use of colour and on-trend vintage fashion pieces sourced sustainably through SWOP vintage clothing store and other local second-hand sources. Through my role as creative director, I designed, directed, illustrated and produced this film and hand-picked an inspiring crew and cast.


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