As an emerging designer , Emilia intends to enter Melbourne's luxury fashion market and introduce an innovative approach to tailored and voluminous luxe fashion solutions. With a focus on women's ready-to-wear, she hopes to introduce designs that are long-lasting, high-quality, and unique. With a passion for postmodern art, Emilia’s work is based on combining bold contrasting colours and fabrications to create each garment. Her style combines the elements of slick tailoring and voluminous silhouettes that aim to make the wearer the “centre of attention” in an effort to create a casual effortless look, while being size inclusive. Her designs are intended to showcase a sense of modernity for the current and future fashion industry with the intention that it remains a staple piece.

‘Requestria’ is an Autumn/winter collection which explores the idea of clashing equestrian and cowboy culture together. With the fact that these two cultures are heavily influenced by men and sports, this collection is geared towards women. With Annie Oakley as an iconic figure for women who was remembered as the legendary front woman and an advocate for women to learn sports that were predominantly dominated by men, this collection is intended for strong women in modern day society who embody their self liberation with elegance.
The collection adds a contemporary spin to both of these cultures by introducing elements of postmodern colour palettes and printed pattern fabrications that contrast but harmonize when placed together, as well as pieces of hardware.
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