I’m graduating from Whitehouse Institute Design with a bachelor of design, over the past two years I have been creating an image for my brand. Over the past years I have realised that as a designer resort wear with vibrant colours is what I'm passionate about and the area that I want to be in. Ambitious Designs is a brand created for women and men of all ages and sizes. Ambitious designs is a colourful brand suitable to all ages and sizes. I’m a very passionate person who wants to create a beautiful garment for an individual to make them feel special and beautiful. 
The concept for my graduation collection is based on being at a resort on holidays, this relates to relaxing on the beach and walking along the sea shore while taking in the beautiful views around you.  while soaking up some sun rays. This collection is meant to be fun, colourful, cheerful with formal and non formal aspects. The fabrics used were light, natural and colourful, this allows for the individual wearing the garment to feel sexy and free while relaxing in the sun on a beautiful summer day. My collection is based on the feeling of being relaxed yet feeling very sexy. My collection and other previous work is based on my personality and what is best for the direction that my future work should look like. I use fabric that is bright and colourful, with huge floral patterns on them. My collection is based on the feeling of being relaxed yet feeling very sexy. 


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