Em Robinson is a photographer and stylist who grew up in Western Sydney, recently a graduate at the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia. She is heavily inspired by mother nature and is well known for her organic imagery and concepts. Her love for the environment brings about a strong sense of sustainability and ethical practice in her design process, utilising second hand materials and styling pieces. She pushes to work with small businesses and artists, aligning with her passion of connecting with creative people. Em enjoys exploring mediums such as photography, film, print and collage, weaving between physical and digital work.

For thousands of years the planet has be human’s number one source of lessons and teachings. The environment is something we can all learn from, especially in this modern day when there is a growing disconnect with mother nature. When we hone into just one of the relationships found in nature, the symbiosis between butterflies and flowers, we can learn valuable lessons. Butterflies and flowers work together to mutually flourish. By mirroring butterflies’ and flower’s visual qualities through beauty, textures and fashion, this project focuses on symbiotic relationships between creatives, reflecting the importance of collaboration for people in the industry to flourish. Through collaboration beauty is formed, in nature and in the creative world.
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