Fashion and print designer Emira Harris. Raised in a small coastal town the independent designer was inspired by nature and the world around her. Having the opportunity to dive into fashion, Emira found a strong passion for designing and constructing garments. Following on to study at Whitehouse institute of design, the emerging designer found a passion for creating intricate detailed garments through skilled craftsmanship with strong influences of a dystopian future. Following the elements and principles of line and direction the designer continually expresses her work around it. Emira excels in digital aspects of design resulting in creating unique print designs that are used within her work. 

‘Under the skin’ is a FW 2023 collection. Influenced by Emira’s fascination with the human body and the idea of a dystopian future. The link between both humans and nature is inspiring, under the skin of nature and our human bodies we operate the same. Using X- rays and the silhouette of nature Emira formed the collection's iconic print. Alongside prints the designer uses unique fabric manipulation throughout the collection replicating our bone structure. Such as the pleats on the bodice and jacket replicating the human ribcage and the spine. The cut outs seen on the jumpsuit and skirt replicate the cells in our bodies and nature. The idea of a dystopian future has continually inspired Emira throughout her collections, the concept of a dystopian world and how it impacts modern technology and the human body, creating an abnormal approach. A futuristic impact is seen through each silhouette of the collection creating a unique style. Under the skin is testing the norm of our modern society.
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