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Emmerson Conrad is a creative director and stylist (amongst other things), specialising in personal and editorial fashion styling. Emmerson aims to empower women through fashion, working with her clients to create a personal style unique to each individual.

Growing up as an expat living throughout Asia, Emmerson is passionate about working on a global scale and using her travels to influence and enhance her stylistic practices. She is also a trained food stylist and known for her love of cooking and trying new foods.

Emmerson has assisted the likes of Elly McGaw, Penny McCarthy and Sarah-Jane Clarke; and actively seeks new opportunities to further her skills within the fashion industry.
A suite of creative work depicting Emmerson’s stylistic abilities; emphasising fashion styling, journalism, and photography; presented within a personal folio. Heavily inspired by the powerhouse of French style combined with an Aussie attitude, these works showcase both local and international influences on Emmerson as a stylist.

Highlighting that fashion and beauty acts as a vehicle for self-expression and identity; Emmerson aims to elicit an emotional response from her work, in that it resonates with a broad audience, whether that be in a commercially viable editorial, humorous beauty story or high fashion beauty/ accessory shoot.

Taking on the role of stylist, photographer, creative director, Emmerson is across all aspects of production including pre and post. Recognising that the fashion industry now more than ever requires a diverse set of skills, it is the aim of this folio to depict such; whilst maintaining the magic of creativity and a true sense of self.


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