Ettienne Schober, a fashion designer driven by empowerment and flexibility. To produce in a way that allows for equality, and confidence in all wearers. Ettienne aims to consistently blur the lines that were once drawn to create heavily detailed pieces that challenge current-day femininity. Not only through deconstruction in silhouette but design detail and shape as well. In addition, deconstruction is utilised in almost every collection to tell a story and symbolise the origin of each piece. Ettienne is passionate about her work, but also heavily considers her impact as a designer and aims to improve our environment through slow and ethical fashion processes.

How have traditional under-garments shaped the contemporary, feminine styles that we see today?
‘Under worn out’, a trans-seasonal capsule collection, delves into the finer details of historic garments and how they can be carried on through a rejuvenated and progressive perspective. What were once hidden garments, are translated into a modernised and subversive collection in an attempt to reappropriate a corset for example, which is a traditionally oppressive garment. This collection consistently employs contrast and asymmetry, more specifically the juxtaposition between hard and soft and how they can unite seamlessly into singular garments. The refreshing use of white is harmonious through each piece and creates space for flexibility for the wearer.  A collection that truly celebrates and redefines the ways undergarments are worn and represented in society.
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