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I am Fariha Khan, creative director and stylist.I have aimed for a quirky, everyday yet futuristic, utopian aesthetic in my Creative Direction Using a mixture of known objects in unusual situations, my objective is to evoke humour and curiosity from the viewer - opening their mind by taking them into a world both familiar and strange. By juxtaposing the different elements of my aesthetic I want to celebrate the everyday, emphasise the unsettling, and challenge people to think differently about what the ideal could be.
The purpose of this signature project is to promote veganism to fight against animal cruelty- in a fun, fashionable way. All products used in all of the editorials are animal cruelty free and most of them are fresh and organic. The target audience is magazines such as Kinfolk and it’s readers. But the wider audience are vegetarians and vegans and people who are interested in surrealism and fashion. As a Creative Director, the message I want to send through this editorial is veganism can be viewed in a modern way, rather than just seeing people’s rage and rallies to promote animal rights and welfare of the world. I want to create a collection, where fruits and vegetables excites people, wanting them to have more- that is through vibrant colors, both natural and studio lightings and juxtaposition of taking fruits and vegetables and turning them into fashion products; a hit of surrealism. The contents will be created through a collection of pictures, three different editorials, each portraying different stories yet has the same connotation and hence, tying the editorials together. In order to be able to communicate with the audiences, social media promotion strategies such instagram page, gifs and ads, facebook page and postures and etc, are taken. Create elements using fruits and vegetables and make them the focal point of each shoot. The reason why the collection is relevant to clients and audiences is because of the same beliefs or interests it holds- veganism and fashion. The signature project will be developed and presented for the showcase event as a series of pictures from this photoshoot. For market research, this is a spring/summer 2020 collection. Veganism or animal rights is a trend and global issue currently. The fashion products used are based on what is trending during this collection time. Bringing a global issue and mixing it with fashion to create something new and to be able to give people new perspectives and raise awareness in such a way is innovative.


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